"Double Fantasy"   $2200
bracelet  7.25" x  1.5" sterling silver,
18k gold, pearls, onyx
stand 8"w x 2"d x 2"h copper, brass,
sterling silver
one of a kind
I love making these bracelets and this
one is a real beauty!
The Black Ball Explores the Circle
one of a kind  $1200
Bracelet 7" x 1" sterling silver, 18k gold, onyx
Stand 7"w x 1.5"h x 1.5"d
Display your bracelet when you're not wearing
"Look it Up"
Sterling silver bracelet set into
one of a kind
more info on library collection page
"Random Thoughts"     $1800
one of a kind bracelet
sterling silver, 18 k gold, assorted
Heavy solid sterling silver that's
been oxidized and waxed for a
beautiful dark finish. Many people
are in the shadows.
click image to enlarge
Bracelets are fun to make and
figures are about 3/4" high and
the seated ones are about 1/2"
high. The main metal is sterling
silver which we oxidize to
produce a permanent dark finish