Balancing Time       $500

10" long, 5" high, 3" deep

A "Classic Camel". Great
on a desk or mantel. The
piece does not pivot even
though it looks like it

Our clocks make wonderful
gifts for "the man who has
All our clocks are made of copper
with brass elements and sterling
silver figures.

A patina of sulfurated potash is
applied to the entire piece giving
the copper a dark finish. Once the
patina is dry, a paste wax is
applied.  This produces a durable,
permanent finish.
Passing the

7" high x 6' long
x 3" deep

12 copper balls
are the "hours"
being passed.
The Great wall Clock   $650

9" in diameter

We thought about this clock
for years before we made it.
It's big enough to read from
across the room but still has
plenty of detail.
Time Tunnel          $490

5" x 13" x 3"

Kids one minute... adults the next!
Where does the time go?
Working Overtime    $425

5" tall 5" wide 3" deep

We couldn't resist! The title
really works!
For All Time    $400
11" tall x 4" wide x 3" deep
A simple wedding or
anniversary theme
Elegant  and contemporary

Let us know if you'd like this
clock done with two women
or two men. We can also add
kids for the blended family
Winged Camel Dream Sequence  $2200
One of a kind     9" x 9" x 3"
brass, copper, sterling silver, lapis
lazuli, malachite, mahogany obsidian

It's hard to tell just exactly what is
going on here... just like a dream!
And the Point is.....    $2200
one of a kind
10" wide x 6" high x 5" deep
Our favorite one of a kind
clock. All those babies and
TWO winged camels... you
don't see that every day!
Click image to enlarge
One of a Kind Clocks
click image to enlarge
Friends of the Library    $425

copper, brass, sterling silver
5"high x 5" wide x 3" deep
Libraries hold a special place in
our hearts. Here' s our tribute!
the clocks have a barrel that
is 3 inches in diameter. The
figures are about 3/4" inch
tall.  Dimensions are listed
for each piece.
Future Time
15" wide x 18" high x 3" deep
One of a Kind
Brand New!
Part of a small series we're
working on.
Tea Time      $380
4.5" high 7" wide
copper, brass, sterling silver
Our take on a popular title is
anything but ordinary.
Simply adorable!
A Brief History of Time   $1200
10"w x 7" d x 6" h
A mechanical looking clock with
24 blunt spikes, 4 brass spheres,
little people moving through space
and time gives one lots to look at
and ponder.
one of a kind
Swing Shift
6"h x 9" w x 3"d
copper, brass, sterling silver
Our new 5" clock face with
another theme. Twelve tiny
people on the move.
"Spare Time"
5.5"h x 9"w x 3"d
copper, brass, sterling silver
A new style of clock for us
with a 5" clock face. Twelve
tiny people tossing around 24
copper beads.... their spare
time. We could all use more!
Two For All Time
Copper, brass, sterling silver
This clock will eventually
replace "For All Time". The
theme is the same and can be
customized with  two men or
two women. The clock has a n
updated look and... well, we
just like it better!
Kind Of Blue
14"w x 16"h x 2"d
copper, brass, sterling silver,
assorted beads and gemstones
Whirled Currencies        sold
16"hx 16"wx 2"d
copper, brass, sterling silver, coins
from around the world
Another pun we couldn't resist! 30
tiny people moving many, many
coins. Endless activity. Mary Ann
made this clock while recovering
from a tibial plateau fracture, in a
leg brace and using a walker to get
"Change is in the Air"
5.5"h x 10" w x 4"d
Eleven cast silver figures and
floating coins. Who knows!
As Time Goes By   
15"w x 17"h x 2"d
brass, copper, sterling silver,
assorted gemstones
The numbers are made of
lava, the hands are fused
copper, 24 cast sterling silver
figures are kinda busy
A Stitch in Time    $2200
15"w x 16"h x 2"d
copper, brass, sterling silver,
28 little silver figures on this
one. The hands are actual
sewing needles and many of
the 46 antique buttons are
"sewn" on with copper wire.
Love in a Time of Chaos
$7500   one of a kind
24"h x 24"w x 4"d
copper, brass, sterling silver,assorted
gemstones including; pearls, malachite,
onyx, jasper, coral, constructed turquoise,
amber, turquoise, sodalite, agate, glass
68 tiny cast silver figures with 6 different
clock movements; a 24 hour clock, a
pendulum movement, one with a remote
second hand, a smooth, continuous sweep
movement, a standard "click " movement
and a reverse movement. Set them all the
same or make utter chaos and set them to
different times. Go Wild!!
A Matter of Time and Space
$2800 one of a kind
15"h x 15" w x 4" d
clock face is 7" in diameter
copper, brass, sterling silver, assorted
gemstones; lava, agate with druzy,
constructed opals, moonstones,
amethyst, cubic zirconium , 24 tiny cast
silver figures
A new view of time a space. A wonderful
wall piece.