Frequently asked
How do you make the little

Some of the figures are  from
model railroads and some
were carved out of wax by us.
Either way we make a mold  
so we don't need a brand new
figure each time. Thus we are
able to  make multiples of the

Once we have the rubber
mold we then inject wax into
the mold, create a small
"tree" for figures, encase the
"tree" in plaster, melt the
wax out of the plaster in a
kiln leaving a perfect
negative space in the plaster.

When the plaster is hot
enough we pour molten silver
into an opening in the plaster.
That cools and the plaster is
cracked away leaving a
perfect positive image of the
little tree of figures. This is
called the lost wax method of
casting because you lose the
wax. A new wax figure must
be made for every silver
figure you want. It's a very
old method of casting.
Where's Colton?

Colton, NY is a tiny town in
the northern foothills of the
Adirondack Mts. Ottawa,
Ontario is out nearest city.

See more in "About Us"
How do I place an order?

E-mail or phone us with what
you are interested in and
we'll get back to you ASAP
(usually within a day). Then
we'll let you know if the piece
is available or how long it will
take to make one.

Most orders can be filled in a
week but allow a month if
you're really set on a specific
piece. Sometimes we need to
stop and do castings and that
can take awhile.
Do you do custom work?

Sometimes. Call or e-mail
with you ideas & we'll see
what we can do.

We do not do specific
figures... no golfers or
gymnasts. Sorry!
How can I see your work in

We  sell our work to some
shops and galleries across the
country. Please support your
local gallery!
They are important sales
tools for us and we want to
see them thrive!
Do you sell the winged camel?

We have the winged camel as
a stick pin and probably can
be talked into selling one
every now and then. Call for
I have one of your clocks but
The clocks have simple quartz
movements. They are VERY
RELIABLE! In the 30+ years that
we've been using them we have
only had 1 defective movement.

If a clock that had been running
either stops or slows down, change
the battery. It's hard to determine
how long a battery will last ( we
recommend changing them once a
year) , but changing the battery is
always the first step.

1.Make sure you have the polarity
of the battery correct. The "+" on
the battery matches the "+" on the

2. Make sure the battery is seated
and the poles are touching their
connections. Roll the battery back
& forth a bit once you get it in place.

3. Make sure the hands are not
crossing each other. The hands are
light weight & may become  bent.
You may bend them slightly so
they do not interfere with each
other , including the second hand.

4. There is a tiny nut which holds
the minute hand on. Sometimes
that nut loosens a bit & lets the
minute hand flop. Remove the
second hand (it pulls straight off)
then replace the tiny nut   with
your fingers & put the second hand
back on.

5. If those things fail, call us & we'll
troubleshoot together. We can
always send you a new movement
or exchange the clock.
My cat knocked over my
Winged Camel clock. Will you
fix it?

Sure. We made it, we can fix it.

Call or e-mail us to let us know
you'll be sending a repair back to us
& we'll give you packing
instructions.  Charges for repairs
tend to be minimal (often free)
depending on the extent of the
Do you sell elsewhere online?

We sell on  the
We  also sell on Etsy at:
We have a lot of our work on Etsy
and can  list anything you're
interested in buying there.
MaryAnn Owen.