That is a cause for
celebration and brings
us back to the first panel!
Unity Hanukkiah      $350

copper, brass, sterling
10" wide x 2" deep x 4" high

This menorah features 11
people holding hands
Uncommon Seder Plate  
copper, brass, sterling

10"x 11"x 4" high               

Our seder plate will
become a true heirloom
for your family.
The 36 sterling silver
figures "act out" the story
of Passover.
1."We are celebrating an
amazing event!
2. "Let me tell
you the story
of our people"
3."For years we were forced to
work for the Egyptians"
4"The last of the 10 plagues
passed over us because we
followed the instructions we
were given"
5."Our journey out of
Egypt is an exciting tale"
6"We struggled in
the desert for 40
Our Judaica products are a response to the
many requests we've received over the years
from our Jewish customers. We were initially
reluctant to create religious objects since we're
not Jewish and were not very familiar with
Jewish traditions. When the Contemporary
Jewish Museum of San Francisco invited us to
be part of a menorah show, we gave it a try
and got a great response.  We added a version
to our regular line and things took off from
there. Feedback has been wonderful and
customer requests have even resulted in new
products. We've learned  a lot: 4 ounce
minimum for a kiddush cup, the difference
between a menorah and a hanukkiah (a nine
socket candelabra created especially for
Hanukkah use) and what tzedakah is and how
to spell it! We do our best to honor the many
beautiful traditions our work has become a
part of.
Ladder Bank
$300  5" tall
This piece can
be ordered with
or without a
slot for money.
It makes a
great tzedakah
Money Maker
4.5" tall
Popular as a
tzedakah box.
The coins are
Another view of
"Community Effort".

The first one was made for
a tzedakah box show at the
Contemporary Jewish
Museum of San Francisco.
Community Effort    $1200
5"x 5" x 6"        tzedakah box
copper, sterling silver

This is part of what we call a "one
of a kind series". We've made 15 of
these; each one unique but akin to
the  others. They all have 16-20
figures, a ladder, stairs, arched
windows... but there is variation.
All have been fun to make and
express the meaning of tzedakah
to us.
8" tall
Spice box
The spice box is used during the Havdalah; the ceremony
that marks the end of the sabbath. The sweet spices
contained within the box are meant to remind us of the
pleasures of the sabbath.

We created this spice box for a group show at the
Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco. The
curators provided us with a good deal of instructional
material and because of that we have a greater
appreciation of the Jewish faith
click image to
7. "Finally! We have
reached Israel!"
Please note SIZE of work!
3/4" tall.
Travel Menorah
brass, copper, sterling silver
Come with an Ultrasuede pouch
and two boxes of birthday candles