Storybook Romance   $160

sterling silver
Reader earrings   $90

sterling silver
Novel Idea    $150
sterling silver
cuff links

May be ordered as button
earrings or clip-on earrings
Novel Tea         $220
limited edition of 25

copper, brass, sterling
1/2 oz. capacity  2"tall
The puns never stop!
Book Group   $150 cord
$180 chain
copper, sterling silver
Friends of the Library    $425
copper, brass, sterling silver
5" high x 5" wide x 3" deep

We can do this with a man
behind the desk. It'll be a
fabulous gift for a retiring
The Library
Libraries are central to our lives.
We've used them all our lives. Mary
Ann is very active in our local
"Friends" group, one daughter is a
librarian, the other is a book binder.

We believe libraries are central to a
modern civilization. They are the
most egalitarian institution we
have.  We're perfectly entitled to
spend hours within their walls
(providing we're not creating a
disturbance). They can be a place of
peace and quiet or a bustling center
of activity. Libraries exist to help us
entertain and enrich ourselves.  
Think of the services they offer;
books, DVDs, CDs, computer use
and often classes, reference services,
story hour and classes for kids and
so much more; ALL for a
MINIMUM of tax dollars! And yet
libraries are so often  targeted
during lean times.

Support your local library & be
richer for it.
click image to enlarge
For more information regarding
discounts for "Friends of the Library"
contact us.
Please note SIZE of
The figures are about
3/4" tall.
Reading & Writing
copper, brass
sterling silver
4" high
shown empty
shown in use
We've been altering slightly
damaged or otherwise worthless
damaged or otherwise worthless
piece of book themed jewelry
books. Each one is unique with a
books. Each one is unique with a
piece of book themed jewelry
carefully inset into the  pages of
the book. The piece of jewelry may
be removed and worn. The above
photo shows all three works
Look it Up    $1800
This hinged, sterling silver
bracelet is 7.5" long. All the folks
books at their library. The pages
of the dictionary were carved out
to hold the bracelet when it's not
being worn. Two copper rivets
hold the carved pages in place to
reduce tearing.
"Life of Goldsmith"         $520

Washington Irving is missing the last few pages
This is the first altered book with jewelry that
making it worthless so we turned it into art. The
sterling silver pin has a tiny 18k gold girl reading
a book and three pearls for decoration and
wisdom. It's a one of a kind piece.
"Elizabeth Barrett Browning"   $580

Eight tiny sterling silver figures and
one 18k golden girl reading a book.
This unique brooch with "custom
case" is for the true book lover. The
pin is about 2" square and can be
removed from the book and worn.
It's one of a kind.
Read Me A Story      $150
copper, sterling silver
1.75" in diameter
may be ordered as pendant
Peace and Quiet
sterling silver     
$130 cord
  $160  silver
Catch the Reading Bug   $150 cord
copper, sterling silver
may be ordered as pin
Book Baby Hoops   $80
sterling silver
Floaters   $60 each
delicate pendants
on fine 18" or
pendants are 1/2- 1"
Book Baby
Higher Learning
Book Bank
4.5" high
Nine little people very busy
with books. There is a slot on
top for coins and easy access
to them from the bottom of
the piece.
the Next Chapter   $140
11" long
copper, brass, sterling silver
candle snuffer
For the book lover or anyone
starting a new chapter.
Looking For a Good Book?
sterling silver pendant on 18"
rubber cord