Malcolm doesn't get to make
many one of a kind pieces as
we're busy with production
work and house building.

Here are a few  examples of
what he's done over the years.
Most have found homes but a
few are for sale.

If you own one, drop us a line
and say "hi!"
Portrait of  William Harper
as a Time Zone during the
Circumnavigation of
Greenland in 1797
33" x 19' x 10'                      sold
The Lost Dowry of Cordelia
15" x 16" x16"                sold
The West Window
wall mirror
39" x24" x5"       sold
The South Window
wall mirror
44" x 28" x 5"    sold
Malcolm made a series of
wall mirrors with a window
theme. He made the four
points of the compass all of
which sold in their respective
regions of the U. S.
Negev Menorah
13" x20"x 18"
limited edition of 12
As far as we know
there is still one of
these powerful
menorahs left for  sale
at the Jewish Museum
of NY
Self Portrait
47" x 29" x 12"   
The Natometer
17" x 11" x 12"     sold
The Servant
67" x 32" x 18"
available       contact for
price                  and more
The Three Trustees
70" x 28" x 14"   available
contact us for more
Autotelic Menorah
18" x 25" x 12"    sold
Haifa III
19" x 29" x 9"   sold
Knesset Menorah
24" x 19" x 7"    sold
The Martyrdom of Trent Lott
My GOP, Why Hast Thou
Forsaken Me?
contact us for more
Early XXI Century
24" X 13" X 6"
copper, brass, polished

not currently available
Hanukkah Plexus                 
65 Church Street
Lenox, MA
copper   one of a kind
28" wide x 18" tall x 10" deep
14" long x 6" high x 4" deep
Grass you don't have to mow.