Daydream    $150 cord
1.75" long
Pendants are pretty
popular. Most of ours are
either "couple" or "female"
oriented. We can do a
certain amount of
customization such as
changing a figure or two or
adding more people. We just
don't do "activity specific"
items ( no golfers, e.g.)
All our jewelry is made of
sterling silver. Some pieces
have copper  elements. Each
piece has a patina applied to
it which darkens the finish.
This highlights the features
of the little figures and makes
the piece easier to care for
since you don't need to worry
about keeping it bright.
Work is near actual
size but you may
click image to
The standing figures
are about 3/4" tall.
Book Group    $150 cord
$180 chain
copper, sterling silver
See more book themed pieces on
our library collection page
1.5" diameter
Fresh Outlook    $100
onyx, dyed turquoise
sterling silver,rubber
We're thinking of
Global Network   $350

sterling silver,
copper, pearls,

18" long  
Obstacle Course
$150 cord
$180 chain

sterling silver,
copper          2" long       
Floaters    $60
sterling silver
simple pendants on a fine silver
Book Baby and Sue are .5 " diameter
"Joan" with turquoise and pearl
"Cathy" with carnelian
18" or 20" chain
click image to enlarge
Peace and Quiet     $130 cord
sterling silver           $160 chain
1.75" long
The pleasure of reading
Catch the Reading Bug    $150 cord
copper, sterling silver      $180 chain
Kids getting hooked on books
Can be ordered as a pin for $150
1.75" diameter
Budding Romance
cord $150
sterling silver  chain $180
A sweet expression of love
we offer matching earrings
1.5" long
pendant       $80
copper, sterling
silver  We like this
on a 22" cord. The
heavy copper rod
has the feel of a
touch stone
2" long
Pendants may be
ordered with a black
rubber cord which has
a silver lobster clasp
closure or sterling
silver rolo chain
Chains or cords are
18" long
Ladies Only $160 cord
$190 chain
sterling silver, copper, pearl
This popular pendant is also
easy conversion.
Made For Each Other $160
silver chain
2" long x .75" wide
Don't they look happy?
sterling silver, lapis lazuli,
14k gold fill
Talking Points
$160 silver chain
1" long x 1.25" wide
They cover all the talking
sterling silver, copper
Dot Matrix
$160 silver chain
2" long x .75" wide
She stands above it all
sterling silver, copper
Faint Heart Ne'er Won Fair
Lady       $280 silver chain
2.25" long x 1.25" wide
He's putting in some serious
effort to reach his lady
sterling silver, lapis lazuli
Dreaming of You
$220   silver chain
1.5" diameter
She is on his mind
Sterling silver, lapis lazuli
Goddess Necklace
$350    choker style 16-18"
Five stunning beauties
mingled with pearls and  
agate laced with sparkling
Island Dreams
$300  19" long
Memories of a tropical
paradise with five nymphs,
lava, pearls, mother of pearl
and aventurine for the sea
Book baby
Book baby pearl
The Girl Next Door
$180 silver chain
sterling silver, 14kg fill, onyx
A Winged Camel classic!
Looking For a Good Book?
$120 cord
$150 chain
1 5/8" x 3/4"
Witty little pendant part of
library collection
$160 with silver chain
A peaceful pendant
silver with 14k gold fill
Our Neighborhood
choker style neck piece
18" long $300
each square is 1/2" x 1/2"
sterling silver, 14k gold fill,
pearl, lapis lazuli
Peak of Perfection  
$160 with silver chain
2 1/2 " x  5/8"
sterling silver, onyx