One of a Kind &
This page contains some one
of a kind pieces as well as a
few "deals".... things we don't
make anymore and need a
home for a reasonable price.
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crime and PUNISHMENT
copper, brass, sterling silver,
lapis lazuli
14" x 10" x 9"      one of a kind
was $1200
now $700      This one will
be                                tricky to
Life Story
copper, sterling silver, 18k gold
11" x 10' x 10"
I pictured this a wonderful urn to
commemorate the life of a very special
person. It could be used for ashes or
treasured mementos and photos to
help remember and cherish that life; a
personal time capsule.

This piece has a golden man reading to
two children as well as many other
figures. Custom work could be done on
another  similar piece.

copper, wood
one of a kind

The egg may be used for
storage. It opens but not so
easily that you'd want to do it
every day. I intended it as a
cremation urn. The  life cycle
theme is just too fitting to
A Nest of Words      $3000

hand raised copper egg that has
interior hinges and simply lifts open.
The egg is nestled in a "nest" of
damaged Shakespeare books.
Inside there are two pieces of jewelry.
The pin states :READ and is made of
sterling silver, pearls and 22 karat
gold. The pendant is silver and 18k
gold and has tiny figures reading.
Henry James
We cut through a book of collected
works of Henry James in order to
attach a beautiful hand raised silver
sphere which opens to reveal a
stunning brooch. The brooch is
sterling silver with an 18k gold figure
and lapis lazuli stones. The book is
graced with a pen, a branch from an
apple tree and a string of pearls which
detach and are wearable.
Nest box
A hand raised sterling silver
ball contains an elegant ring
gold, lapis lazuli and a pearl.
The ring is a size 6.