Tiny Teapots
Our teapots are for the true collector. They're whimsical and a bit
odd. They do hold liquid and they pour nicely but are for
decorative purposes only.

Made of copper, brass and sterling silver         
All are limited editions of 25
Riding the Wild Teapot   
6" high x 8" wide x 3" deep
capacity 1.5 oz.

A truly ridiculous  teapot.
Hold on tight!
Ladies Only
Teapot       $360

6" high x 5"
wide x 1.5" deep

All women on
this one!
Click image to
enlarge but please
note actual size.
These teapots are  
indeed TINY!
Novel Tea    $220
copper, brass, sterling silver
2" high 1/2 oz. capacity
Groan now or forever hold
your peace.
Tempest Out of a Teapot   $180
copper, sterling silver
3"high    1/2 oz. capacity
Small but crazy!
The standing figures are
about 3/4" tall.
Three to the Power of Tea
copper, brass, sterling silver,
turquoise    2.5" high  1/4 oz. capacity
You can do many, many things with
the power of tea.
Perplixi-Tea      $500

copper, brass sterling silver
5" high 6" wide   1.5oz. capacity

This one is bigger than most of our
tiny teapots and more confusing. I
just don't know what those 17 little
silver figures are up to.
High Tea
4" tall
Eleven little people in or on
tiny boxes... all with tea on
their minds.
Raise High the Teapot
Carpenter                  $490
4"h x 4"w x 1.5"d
Not related to the Salinger
tale but a fun title for a funny
limited edition of 25
Just One More Cup      $330
Branching out for the teapot
collector, this piece "goes
with" all our teapots.
limited edition of 25